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Valerie Priester

The day my life changed forever; this was the day I met Carmen Morris.   I attended a Women’s event in Philadelphia in October 2009.   I committed to being a vendor at this event before asking the pertinent questions such as, “where is the event”.   This might not have been such a big deal except I live in Michigan and the event was in Philly.   Well, being a woman of my word I decided to keep the commitment and drive to Philly, all 600+ miles.   I invited a business partner and friend to ride with me.   Neither one of us had ever been to Philly so it was going to be a fun trip – with the exception of driving through the mountains which neither of us had done before either.   I start my testimony with all of this to say that you never know what God has in store for you; sometimes you just have to make the trip.   Carmen was one of the guest speakers for this event and the minute she stepped in front of the room I said to myself, “that’s a powerful woman”.    In fact, I felt she was so powerful I was intimidated to approach her, but something in my spirit told me I had to make contact.   I completed her self evaluation form asking for help with my business growth and development.   To my surprise and excitement she contacted me and I became her client in November 2009.    Remember I said you never know what God has in store for you; well becoming Carmen’s client was only the beginning of a new life for me.   Our initial sessions dealt with my business growth and development but God had a much bigger and better plan.    I have a true calling on my life to minister and help others know who they really are in Christ.   I know that God sent Carmen to help pull that calling out into the open for me.   I thought the business I was in was my passion and almost immediately Carmen knew otherwise.   While Carmen taught me some amazing strategies on growing my business and taking it to the next level God had other plans.   I know now that I can grow any business I desire and be a success at anything I put my hands to, all thanks to Carmen’s coaching and strategies.   Before meeting Carmen I would say that I was confident but only at a certain level.   When I encountered other women such as Carmen I always felt that I was lacking and not able to be in the same circle as women of this caliber.   Today I know that I have everything I need inside of me to accomplish anything I desire; I know that I am a powerful, confident, intelligent, and mighty woman of God.   I’ve found that the very way I think of Carmen many people think of me in the same way.   I don’t say this to brag on myself but to speak to Carmen’s ability to bring out the true champion we all have inside.   Carmen is a no-nonsense coach; she demands only your best and takes no excuses.   But in the end, you will be so glad you allowed yourself an opportunity to work with Carmen and grow.   Our regular sessions ended well over a year ago but I know that I call, email, fax, facebook, twit, or pray and she’ll be there with her encouraging words of wisdom.   Carmen is my gift from God and I know He didn’t create her just for me – she is a gift to all.


Melissa N. Bevacqua

Starting a business is one thing, but keeping it going is a challenge in itself.
Carmen has been instrumental mentor in my ability to remain focused and push through entrepreneurial roadblocks. Carmen has a special way of asking questions to us business owners that empowers our strong decision making. She transfers her own experience into molding our success. It is in her way, in her systems, that tell a story of effective ownership. Carmen not only leads by example, she adds personality to the process, providing us an edge to go after our achievements.
I show ongoing gratitude to Carmen through my personal and professional growth!


Rose Mart

I have felt so badly all these years about my inability to succeed in my last three businesses but I got the answer once Carmen showed me the system. I realized that it was my self esteem keeping back all these painful years and to find someone who just takes you from A-Z it’s something you can’t put a price on! I always knew that there was something out there to get me out of my mess, I just did not know where to start or who to go to. Many thanks to you, I now have a system that works! Again, I thank you for your generosity of sharing your life and business expertise so that I can have the business I always wanted. I thank God for you, and may He continue to richly bless you all the days of your life!


Della A. Beaver

I met Carmen Morris in October 2009 at a Seminar in Philadelphia and became her client in January of 2010. Wow, what changes I have seen personally and professionally in my life under her coaching. When I came to Carmen as a client, I had been playing around in my business for about 6 months. I was unsure and tentative about what I needed to do to take my business to the next level. I was also filled with self-doubt about what I had to offer the world. In the past year, under Carmen's watchful eye, I have grown immensely. I have the tools to create the "Life I Deserve" and a clear vision of my purpose and passion. Don't think it will be easy! Carmen is demanding and tenacious in expecting those that she coaches to breakthrough all of the "crap" that has kept them from claiming what is rightfully theirs, but she is also a loving and supportive coach who becomes your friend, ardent supporter and biggest cheerleader. Beyond the end of the "coaching program", Carmen does not disappear: she continues to be available to help you refine and redefine your life and your business. I am living the life of my dreams because God brought Carmen into my life.


Kim Lee Kithner

For three years I was struggling to the point I was about to close my doors.    Until my friend from Denver told me about a lady he had met who may be able to help me.   I went to Carmen’s’ one day Advance Business Workshop, and it seem that the information was written specifically for my situation.   Since then my business has thrive, and I am even doing business international thanks to the tools and techniques I have learned with Carmen.