Business Matrix Bootcamp

Business Matrix Boot Camp consists of a one day seven hours intensive training designed to help you grow your business. At the same time this program offers a comprehensive model for business startups which enables them to bring, develop and turn their ideas into profitable businesses.


Core 7

CORE-7 Is a groundbreaking seven months Life/Business training where the entrepreneur is guided through a seven months process of changing their Life, Business, Finances and Personal wellness. We at BMCS belief that one can’t run a successful organization nor execute an effective business plan unless you have a life plan. CORE-7 consists of the following:

Month 1: Life Plan and the power of focus
Month 2: Business Basics & Product knowledge
Month 3: Framework, Entrepreneurship Skills, Business Model & Systems
Month 4: Marketing, Branding, Business Financials & Forecast
Month 5: Sales, Marketing & Branding
Month 6: Business Financials & Forecast /Revenue Analysis
Month 7: Plan in Action, Assessments & Growth

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Import Export

This One Day Seminar Covers:

  • Fundamentals of International Trade\
  • Payments Terms and its Risks
  • Logistics and its Protocol
  • Working with representatives, distributors
  • International business Etiquette
  • International Branding and Marketing
  • Registering your Product in other Countries
  • Identifying Markets for your Product
  • Clearing Agents and Inspections Services
  • International Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Resources & Guidance provided by the USDOCS
  • Basics on Duties and Tariffs
  • Letters Of Credits and Other Payment Methods